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May 31, 2009

TAP Air Portugal - Just the right size!

It was added to the site's Memorabilia section a rather old TAP brochure from my childhood entitled "Big enough... Small enough...".

After some years with the slogan "An airline should be big enough to have 747's", TAP had to change its marketing strategy when it phased-out the 747's, so the L-1011 was "just the right size" for a 'new' airline which had lost significant traffic from its old ultramarine colonies.

This brochure marks a new era of TAP-Air Portugal which superseded this one:

It is also available in the Articles section a new incident report (portuguese only) about a TAP L-1011 which had a double engine flameout just after landing from a flight from Rio de Janeiro due to fuel starvation, in 1983. Many thanks to GPIAA.

May 28, 2009

Where does a TriStar belong?

... to the Skies!

Welcome back CS-TEB!

Lining-up RWY03 (LPPT)

Today's landing after a test and checking flight for new pilots 

Flight Plan:

-N0481F190 FTM9N FTM A5 MANIK DCT 4055N00838W/N0481F180 DCT MANIK A5 FTM/N0480F170 A5 ESP ESP7A

May 16, 2009

Some minor updates to the site, the official site of this blog, was recently updated on the following sections:

  • Fleet: update of the 'Actual status' of some aircraft listed;
  • Airlines: it was added the new safety card of Luzair (2008 module) to which I am proud to have given some kind of contribution;
  • Articles: new 'Flight reports' sub-section with links to some of my L-1011 flight descriptions as a cabin crew member which you can also find via my other blog LisbonJet's Logbook. Although written in portuguese, if you're not able to understand this language, you can always appreciate the photos and some short videos you can find there;
  • Links: also added a new 'L-1011 operators' sub-section with links to the sites of the current L-1011 operators all over the world (unfortunately, not many these days...)

Despite these new updates, if you're looking for's updates, news, photos, etc, you should either bookmark or visit this blog, since it's intended to be the dynamic part of the site.

CS-TEB news

euroAtlantic's L-1011 was spotted yesterday out of the hangar at 'Foxtrot' apron (Lisbon Airport), now with all its three engines mounted, nav ligths ON, movements in the cockpit and some maintenance activity around it.

Let's hope she will make it into the skies very soon!

May 06, 2009

CS-TEB to fly again soon

euroAtlantic's TriStar msn 293B-1240 was again moved to Hangar 6 in order to mount engine #2 (the one that was still missing) and to finish other tasks. The aircraft should return to the skies soon, probably next week.