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Name: The Delta Heritage Museum
Location: Atlanta, USA
Description: Delta Air Lines was the biggest L-1011 operator in the world. In its museum in Atlanta you can find the front section of very first L-1011 built (the prototype N1011) including the cockpit with all its instruments in place.

Name: National Airline History Museum
Location: Kansas City, USA
Description: This museum in Kansas City has one ex-TWA airframe (minus its 3 engines) on display. An ex-Delta L-1011 simulator was also added to the collection.

Name: National Museum of Commercial Aviation
Location: Atlanta, USA
Description: Another museum in Atlanta which is preparing an exhibition focused on the history of commercial flight simulation. In association with The L-1011 Project, they are restoring and retrofitting a Lockheed L-1011 Cockpit Procedures Trainer. This CPT is assumed to be ready for display by summer of 2013.

Name: Science Museum
Location: London, UK
Description: On the 3rd floor you can find the Flight exhibition which has a RB211-22B engine on display. The RB211 was specially designed for the L-1011 and was the platform for the new Trent series.

RB211 engine at Science Museum, London

Name: TriStar Experience
Location: Kansas City, USA
Description: "TriStar History and Preservation, Inc" is an organization that uses flyable aircraft to inspire students into science, technology, engineering, aerospace and math fields. Among other aircraft, this organization purchased two L-1011s for this purpose (msn 293B-1241 and 193L-1064).

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