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June 23, 2009

Airliner World - Lockheed TriStar Classic Trijet

A very interesting article about the Lockheed TriStar (its history, present and uncertain future) was published in the current issue of Airliner World magazine. It seems the next issue will also have an article about military TriStars.

Portuguese TriStar fleet status 06/09

MSN 1206 euroAtlantic CS-TMX - scrapped at Lisbon (LIS)
MSN 1240 euroAtlantic CS-TEB - active and based at Lisbon (LIS)
MSN 1241 Luzair CS-TMR - stored at Victorville (VCV); future unknown
MSN 1248 Luzair CS-TMP - stored at Aqaba (AQJ)

Thanks to Privilege Jet Airlines information, the current status of MSN 1242 TL-ADW (an ex-TAP L-1011) was changed from 'Unknown' to 'Active' in the site's Fleet section.
It's nice to see some of these old boys still kicking around.

June 06, 2009

TAP/VASP codeshare agreement

This press-clip from brazilian Flap magazine (Issue 226, Feb. 1991) states that VASP leased TAP L-1011's to increase their capacity in the RIO-SSA-RIO route, taking advantage of the long parking time that these aircraft had at GIG airport: the flight from Lisboa arrived early in the morning and the aircraft wouldn't make its return until evening.

However it seems the real deal was a little bit different. TAP used to make a stop at SSA (Salvador) in their route to RIO two times a week. So VASP bought a block of 60 economy seats on the legs between SSA/RIO/SSA. VASP's marketing sold these seats with the following slogan in portuguese 'RIO - Salvador e Salvador - RIO, pela VASP com sotaque português' which means 'Rio-Salvador and Salvador-Rio, fly VASP with portuguese accent'.

This press clip was found via AeroFórum.