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March 25, 2016

L-1011 lower deck galley

Two very nice videos covering the features of the L-1011's lower deck galley can be seen on YouTube:

Author of the videos: Carla Kittler

These videos were filmed inside an ATA Airlines' L-1011-100 series, probably N194AT. Only standard length TriStars were equipped with a lower deck galley.

March 18, 2016

Newark Air Museum acquires TriStar Sim

Last month, Newark Air Museum (England) took delivery of a static TriStar Simulator that was previously on display at Royal Air Force Museum in Colindale/London.

TriStar Simulator © André Malhão

The simulator is not yet available for display in its new place since it has to assembled again and the museum is still deciding to what extent it will be made operational.

March 09, 2016

When TAP sold their last L-1011

This is a clipping from Air Transport World magazine (January 1998) announcing the sale of the L-1011 CS-TEA to Air Transat.

CS-TEA (msn 1239) was the first L-1011 delivered to TAP Air Portugal in 1983, and it was the third of the type bought by Air Transat from TAP, in November 1997 - after acquiring CS-TEE (December 1996) and CS-TED (January 1997). CS-TEA was at the same time, the last L-1011 operated by TAP.