September 18, 2012

L-1011 Maintenance - Staffhire

In 2006, Staffhire from Trinidad & Tobago worked together with Luzair to bring back CS-TMR into flying condition and to help with maintenance works on CS-TMP while flying for PIA, during Hajj 2006/07. They were a team specialized on the L-1011.

Some photos of CS-TMR at AMS (2006) from their galleries:

Although their website is still online, there are no signs of recent activity of this team.
Staffhire's website

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September 12, 2012

CS-TFP, the L-1011 that never came to Portugal

In 2008, Luzair was trying to get a 3rd L-1011 for its fleet. This L-1011 was an ex-Delta example (N753DA) and was previously intended for Interstate Airlines based in Maastricht (Netherlands), with reg. number PH-RST. However, the aircraft wasn't taken up by Interstate and negotiations were held between its owner and Luzair to put this aircraft flying in Portugal as CS-TFP.

Luzair logos were applied but the aircraft never really made it into the Portuguese Civil Aircraft Register.

Here are a couple of photos taken at Amman.
Notice the grey belly - CS-TMP had an entirely white fuselage...

CS-TFP © Jorge Cernadas

... and the "Desert Chicken", the eagle of the L-1011 logo painted on the s-duct.

CS-TFP © Jorge Cernadas

Today, this aircraft remains stored at Amman Queen Alia Intl Airport, still with Luzair markings.