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July 25, 2017

Aéroports de Lyon - TriStar, a guided tour

Although this is not a recent video, it's always nice to learn more about the L-1011 that was written off in 2001, after flying through a hail storm near Lyon.

This aircraft was acquired from Air Transat by Aéroports de Lyon and remains preserved at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to this date.

SN: 193M-1019
Type: -150
Regstr: C-FTNA
Owner: Aéreoports de Lyon
Status: Preserved

July 19, 2017

N910TE landed safely at KCI Airport

N910TE © Lee's Summit Tribune

The ferry flight was initially planned for last Friday (June 14) but a minor glitch in engine #2, detected after take-off, made the airplane return to Tucson International Airport.
Fortunately it seems the problem found was of easy repair and a second successful attempt was made the next day. During its cruise, the L-1011 reached a maximum altitude of 27.000 feet.

For such a complex aircraft that was in storage for over 15 years, we must give huge credit to TriStar Experience organization who made this possible.

Before landing at KCI - Kansas City Airport the L-1011 performed a beautiful low pass over the active runway.

Low pass:


Water canon salute:

I almost forgot how beautiful a L-1011 is while in flight... Kudos to TriStar Experience for acquiring and preserving this historic airplane!

On a different note, Orbital's Stargazer was also active last Thursday, flying out of Mojave. Pegasus XL's ICON mission is now planned for November 14, according to Spaceflight Now.