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September 18, 2012

L-1011 Maintenance - Staffhire

In 2006, Staffhire from Trinidad & Tobago worked together with Luzair to bring back CS-TMR into flying condition and to help with maintenance works on CS-TMP while flying for PIA, during Hajj 2006/07. They were a team specialized on the L-1011.

Some photos of CS-TMR at AMS (2006) from their galleries:

Although their website is still online, there are no signs of recent activity of this team.
Staffhire's website

Luzair related galleries are:
- Projects Victorville CA 2007
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- Projects Holland 2004

You can see these galleries (and others) by chosing Media Centre -> Photo Galleries on the menu.

September 12, 2012

CS-TFP, the L-1011 that never came to Portugal

In 2008, Luzair was trying to get a 3rd L-1011 for its fleet. This L-1011 was an ex-Delta example (N753DA) and was previously intended for Interstate Airlines based in Maastricht (Netherlands), with reg. number PH-RST. However, the aircraft wasn't taken up by Interstate and negotiations were held between its owner and Luzair to put this aircraft flying in Portugal as CS-TFP.

Luzair logos were applied but the aircraft never really made it into the Portuguese Civil Aircraft Register.

Here are a couple of photos taken at Amman.
Notice the grey belly - CS-TMP had an entirely white fuselage...

CS-TFP © Jorge Cernadas

... and the "Desert Chicken", the eagle of the L-1011 logo painted on the s-duct.

CS-TFP © Jorge Cernadas

Today, this aircraft remains stored at Amman Queen Alia Intl Airport, still with Luzair markings.

July 18, 2012

TAP L-1011 - textures for Flight Simulator

A new photo real paint for the Aerosim's L-1011 model is available at AVSIM. In order to download these textures, you have to be registered in the AVSIM's File Library and then search for the file named

The represented aircraft is TAP's old CS-TED and the artwork was done by Edward Cox also famous for his high quality Flight Simulator videos in YouTube. Although these textures are free, Aerosim's L-1011 is part of payware package Classic Liners Vol.2.

July 12, 2012 was updated with a new look

German Lockheed L1011 Information Center has changed its image having now a fresh new look. Initially established as a virtual airline (EuCom Airlines), Holger Ludwig's website specialized in the L-1011 and is one of the oldest sites about this aircraft, and the only one with a complete production list still being updated.

July 11, 2012

June 21, 2012

Status of ex-Globe Jet Airlines' L-1011s

Some time ago, OO-ZEE page in our site's 'fleet section' was updated stating that it was ferried in 2008 from Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to Sabha in Lybia. This aircraft was impounded at Viru Viru airport (VVI) following the demise of Lloyod Aero Boliviano.

Now, thanks to Holger Ludwig (webmaster of it was confirmed that two other ex-Globe Jet and Kallat Elsaker L-1011s are also stored in Sabha: XT-BRK and XT-RAD. The future of these three aircraft that were also part of TAP's fleet in the past doesn't seem too bright. They can be seen stored in Sabha using Google Earth.

L-1011s at Sabha

Doubt remains over the status of HR-AVN (another ex-Globe Jet), operated by Privilege Jet Airlines on behalf of Rollins Air. Most probably, the aircraft is stored inactive at La Ceiba in Honduras.

HR-AVN at La Ceiba

msn 1239 Globe Jet Airlines OD-ZEE - stored at Sabha (SEB)
msn 1242 Privilege Jet Airlines HR-AVN - stored (?) at La Ceiba (LCE)
msn 1243 Kallat Elsaker XT-BRK - stored at Sabha (SEB)
msn 1246 Kallat Elsaker XT-RAD - stored at Sabha (SEB)'s Fleet page and the individual fact files of some of these aircraft were already updated.

June 20, 2012

OSC L-1011 and the NuSTAR mission IV

The NuSTAR satellite was successfully launched last 13th. Once again, the L-1011 Stargazer and its belly rocket Pegasus proved to be a reliable launch platform.

June 06, 2012

OSC L-1011 and the NuSTAR mission III

More news about the NuSTAR launch in Spaceflight Now and a photo gallery of Stargazer and Pegasus:

The L-1011 "Stargazer" is about to depart from Hickam Air Force Base (PHIK) to Kwajalein (PKWA) according to this flight plan route:


May 26, 2012

OSC L-1011 and the NuSTAR mission II

As previously announced, L-1011 N140SC of Orbital Sciences will be involved in the launching of NuSTAR satellite.

The aircraft arrived on last May 24 at Vandenberg Air Force Base and the launch date is now scheduled to take place on June 13.
Pegasus Carrier Aircraft Arrives at Vandenberg
Fri, 25 May 2012 06:01:24 PM GMT
The Orbital Sciences L-1011, an airliner modified to carry and launch the Pegasus rocket, arrived at Vandenberg on May 24 in preparation for the ferry flight to Kwajalein for the launch of the Pegasus XL rocket carrying NuSTAR. Installation of the Pegasus fairing around the NuSTAR spacecraft is complete. Rollout from Orbital’s processing hangar and the mating of the Pegasus to the L-1011 is planned for June 2. Launch is targeted for June 13 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time.

May 23, 2012

Portuguese TriStar fleet status 05/12

MSN 1206 euroAtlantic CS-TMX - scrapped at Lisbon (LIS)
MSN 1240 euroAtlantic CS-TEB - stored at Amman (ADJ) / listed for sale (as is, where is)
MSN 1241 Luzair CS-TMR - stored at Victorville (VCV)
MSN 1248 Luzair CS-TMP - stored at Aqaba (AQJ)

May 19, 2012

euroAtlantic airways in 2002

This movie of euroAtlantic airways is a brief presentation of the company profile in the year of 2002. At that time their fleet was composed of one L-1011 and some B737s.

During the presentation you can see the L-1011 (reg. CS-TEB), including its cabin. When the movie was made, the aircraft still had its bulkheads with TAP's old decoration (sunset theme in shades of blue and orange).

May 17, 2012

Askari Aviation

Pakistan's Askari Aviation is operating today a flight with L-1011 equipment. The flight AAS2222 from Nairobi to Quetta is taking place right know but the registration of the aircraft is yet unknown.
Nice to see a civil TriStar still in operation.

Update: aircraft was L-1011-500 reg. N162AT of Barq Aviation, operating UN charter flights.

Delta Air Lines L-1011 seat maps




May 02, 2012

Jets Monthly - El Ten Eleven

Jets Monthly's latest issue (May 2012) has an article about the L-1011: "TriStar - a star dimmed too soon".

Jets Monthly - May 2012

April 26, 2012

L-1011's 1st commercial flight was 40 years ago

In 26 April 1972, the L-1011 TriStar entered in service with Eastern Airlines.

April 20, 2012

TAP's First Class seats in the L-1011

When TAP Air Portugal introduced the L-1011 in 1983, the aircraft had a configuration of 12 First Class seats (2-2-2 abreast) and 234 in Economy. About one year later, TAP decided to end its First Class service and introduced the brand new C/CL called Navigator Class. Configuration was changed to 21C232Y with 2-3-2 abreast in Navigator Class.

In 2004, an exhibition of TAP Museum was held in Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Lisboa), where we could see some of those FC seats:

L-1011's First Class seats

Despite being wide and comfortable, they look rather vintage and quite primitive even when compared to current Top Executive product.

In the 'Memorabilia' section of you can find one vintage ad about TAP's First Class in the L-1011.

April 15, 2012

OSC L-1011 and the NuSTAR mission

The L-1011 of Orbital Sciences Corporation is scheduled for a new launch of its Pegasus rocket in June 2012. Its payload will be NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) which will search for black holes, map supernova explosions and study the most extreme active galaxies.

Pegasus XL rocket © NASA
The Pegasus XL rocket is fully assembled inside a hangar at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Technicians will tow the rocket to the base's runway a few weeks before launch and bolt it to an L-1011 carrier aircraft, which will fly the Pegasus and NuSTAR payload to Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. 
The L-1011 jumbo jet will drop the rocket about 40,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean, and the three-stage, winged Pegasus will light to propel the 800-pound NuSTAR satellite into a 340-mile-high orbit.
This L-1011 named Stargazer and registered N140SC is one of the few active TriStars left and was specially modified by Marshall Aerospace of Cambridge to carry the air-launched Pegasus rocket.

L-1011 Stargazer © Orbital Sciences Corporation

March 04, 2012

Airways Magazine - TWA TriStar Returns Home

On January 2010 we reported the arrival of the former TWA L-1011 with reg. number N700TS to its new home in Kansas City.

Airways Magazine published an article about this aircraft and its final ferry flight in its May 2010 issue. Now you can read it online: TWA TriStar Returns Home (pdf).

This file is hosted in the TWA Active Retired Pilots Association website.

February 29, 2012

Portuguese TriStar fleet status 02/12

No changes since last report. Clearing up some recent rumors, CS-TEB was not scrapped and it's still stored at Amman/ADJ.

MSN 1206 euroAtlantic CS-TMX - scrapped at Lisbon (LIS)
MSN 1240 euroAtlantic CS-TEB - stored at Amman (ADJ)
MSN 1241 Luzair CS-TMR - stored at Victorville (VCV) / listed for sale
MSN 1248 Luzair CS-TMP - stored at Aqaba (AQJ) / listed for sale

February 15, 2012

CS-TMP (Luzair) seen at Aqaba

Photos taken 9th February 2012

CS-TMP © Carlos Roque

CS-TMP © Carlos Roque

CS-TMP © Carlos Roque

msn 1248 CS-TMP - stored at Aqaba (AQJ) / listed for sale