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09 April 2014

Another mission for L-1011 "Stargazer" is planned

Stargazer © Orbital Sciences Corporation

With the retirement of the RAF's TriStar fleet, Orbital Sciences is the sole operator of the only active L-1011 left in the world - the Stargazer. And it seems its next mission is already planned with the launch of CYGNSS Science Satellites in October of 2016.

Although there are a number of L-1011s that could fly again - specially in the Middle East - this aircraft model is almost a memory from the past. There were some recent rumors about a new start-up airline (American West Jets) that intended to fly a number of L-1011s but nothing has materialized until now.

Meanwhile, we're hoping that TriStar History and Preservation, Inc is successful with its intention to ferry N91011 to Kansas City and preserve this once Portuguese aircraft.