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20 July 2022

CNN Travel article on TriStar CS-TMP, scuttled in Gulf of Aqaba

Ex-Luzair L-1011 TriStar CS-TMP, scuttled in Gulf of Aqaba, on 26th August 2019, caught CNN Travel's attention.

CS-TMP © Brett Hoelzer/Deep Blue Dive Center

The venerable old Lockheed Martin L1011 Tristar airplane, with its three engines, mounted on wings and tail fin, would be a sight to behold in the air or on the ground, let alone deep beneath the surface of the Red Sea, among the fish and coral.

The abandoned jet, sunk in 2019 to create an artificial reef to encourage marine life, has been photographed by American underwater photographer Brett Holzer in a series of images that capture the eerie spectacle created by this aquatic airliner.