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25 October 2009

CS-TEB returned from C-check

CS-TEB, msn 293B-1240, owned by euroAtlantic airways, returned from Amman last 21st October, where it performed a C-check, with MMZ301P callsign.

The aircraft also received the billboard titles of the revised livery of euroAtlantic airways, but only on the left side.

CS-TEB © Tiago Palla

CS-TEB © Tiago Palla

The 23rd October, CS-TEB departed to Ilorin in Nigeria, with 'Med View' MEV3333 callsign, but it seems to be operating Kabo Air's Hajj flights to Jeddah from there.

CS-TEB © Tiago Palla

06 October 2009

Portuguese TriStar fleet status 10/09

MSN 1206 euroAtlantic CS-TMX - scrapped at Lisbon (LIS)
MSN 1240 euroAtlantic CS-TEB - ferried to Amman last 12th September for C-check
MSN 1241 Luzair CS-TMR - stored at Victorville (VCV) / for sale
MSN 1248 Luzair CS-TMP - stored at Aqaba (AQJ) / withdrawn from service