Thursday, 29 September 2016

More news on L-1011 N910TE II

It looks like the new date for the ferry flight of the L-1011 N910TE to Kansas City will be on October 12th.

N910TE © TriStar History and Preservation

TriStar Experience has been working on this ex-Flying Hospital aircraft for some months now and put new photos on the dedicated L-1011 page of their website.

TriStar Experience: N910TE

Monday, 11 July 2016

L-1011 Cargo Adventure

TT-DWE © Delta L-1011 website

Delta L-1011 Retirement Website recently published a very interesting article with great photos about the adventure of flying a TriStar in its freighter role.

Delta L-1011 Website: L-1011 Cargo Adventure

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Number Two engine and 'S' duct explained by Lockheed

Number Two engine and 'S' duct

The Number Two engine is installed in the aft fuselage. Like the wing engines it is a 50,000 pound thrust Rolls Royce Engine. Its inlet is a curved "S" duct which provides performance equivalent to that of a straight through duct,

(There is no performance penalty)

Aside from improved looks, there are several advantages to using an "S" duct. First, this lowers the #2 engine, which gives a low center engine thrust line. This reduces pitch up tendencies, and permits both wider lateral spacing of the wing engines, and a wider flap span.

The aft fuselage does not taper as much as other wide body aircraft because of #2 engine. This allows a longer fuselage constant section and more passenger room.

The lower engine allows for a one piece rudder which gives improved handling by increasing rudder effectivity.

Surprisingly, the "S" duct design also reduces aircraft weight. The engine is mounted in the aft fuselage. This eliminates the need for heavy structural supports (800 lbs.) which would otherwise be required, Those supports, if used, would reduce the passenger cabin by 65 square feet, or 11 seats.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

TriStar History and Preservation has a new brand

TriStar Experience

News from TriStar's Facebook page:
TriStar is officially re-branding from its legal name "TriStar History and Preservation, Inc." to our dba name "TriStar Experience". Its an important step to re-affirm we're not a museum. Rather TriStar is a unique organization that uses airworthy, iconic jet aircraft to inspire kids (ultimately of all ages) with hands-on experiential programs to pursue STEM fields of study and professions. As part of the rebranding our website is being redirected this week to the new URL ( then rebuilt entirely. You can see here that our facebook name has already been changed. Both our twitter and Linkedin accounts / pages have been rebuilt. If you're interested in following us via those means (LinkedIn, twitter), please visit and sign up again.
TriStar Experience also released a new video showing a successful engine run performed on its recently acquired L-1011 with tail number N910TE.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

More news on L-1011 N910TE

N910TE © TriStar History and Preservation

An article published on the Kansas City Star Site reveals more about the intentions of TriStar History and Preservation on their recently acquired L-1011, the ex-Flying Hospital.

They expect to ferry this L-1011 from Tucson to Kansas City within two to three weeks and use it for their STEM educational project.

The integral airstairs that give access to the lower deck - one of the two aircraft delivered to PSA in this configuration - are a major advantage according to the sources.

About N91011, the ex-Portuguese L-1011, also owned by TriStar, we can find this reference:
TriStar History also owns the TWA Wings of Pride McDonnell Douglas MD-83, a British Aircraft Corp. One-Eleven and another L-1011 in California.

The Kansas City Star: News Article and Interview