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15 January 2008

Boeing 707 record was broken: 25 years of L-1011 in Portugal!

15th January 1983


25 years ago, arrived in Lisbon the first L-1011-500 for TAP Air Portugal. Since then, the type has been continuously in operation in Portugal. Until today 8 L-1011s were registered in Portugal and 7 of them belonged to TAP. TAP phased-out the type in 1997, but some charter airlines kept the TriStar flying in Portugal until today. These days, only CS-TMP from Luzair is flying (old CS-TEG at TAP) but the fleet will hopefully grow up again with the return in service of CS-TMR and CS-TEB.
With 25 years of operation in Portugal, the TriStar is now the longest time jetliner in this country after the Boeing 727 which operated from 1967 until 1993 (TAP + Air Columbus).

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