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20 March 2009

News from several TriStars all over the world

  • Barq Aviation has recently bought all three airworthy L-1011-500's from ATA Airlines which went bankrupt in April of 2008. These aircraft (MSN 1220, 1229 and 1238) were in storage since then at Victorville Air Base (VCV) and are now being readied to fly towards their new home and owner somewhere in the Middle East as we can see in this photo. Barq Aviation also owns msn 1230 (ex-N194AT)
  • The only active L-1011 left in the FAA registry is now N140SC from Orbital Sciences. This aircraft is supposed to be modified into a -200 standard (currently is a -100) in order to get RB211-524B engines which still have technical support from Rolls Royce and from some MRO shops
  • CS-TMR (293B-1241) of Luzair, currently stored at Victorville, seems to be listed for sale
  • CS-TEB (293B-1240) of euroAtlantic is finally getting its modified engines installed and being prepared for return to service. Together with CS-TMP from Luzair, these are the last portuguese TriStars left
EDIT: in fact, there is still another active N-registered L-1011: N388LS from Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Thanks to visitor Howie for the correction.

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Unknown said...

Hey great website. There are actually two more N registered -500's. I see one of them everyday. Check out 1249.

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