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April 20, 2012

TAP's First Class seats in the L-1011

When TAP Air Portugal introduced the L-1011 in 1983, the aircraft had a configuration of 12 First Class seats (2-2-2 abreast) and 234 in Economy. About one year later, TAP decided to end its First Class service and introduced the brand new C/CL called Navigator Class. Configuration was changed to 21C232Y with 2-3-2 abreast in Navigator Class.

In 2004, an exhibition of TAP Museum was held in Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Lisboa), where we could see some of those FC seats:

L-1011's First Class seats

Despite being wide and comfortable, they look rather vintage and quite primitive even when compared to current Top Executive product.

In the 'Memorabilia' section of you can find one vintage ad about TAP's First Class in the L-1011.

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