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June 21, 2012

Status of ex-Globe Jet Airlines' L-1011s

Some time ago, OO-ZEE page in our site's 'fleet section' was updated stating that it was ferried in 2008 from Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to Sabha in Lybia. This aircraft was impounded at Viru Viru airport (VVI) following the demise of Lloyod Aero Boliviano.

Now, thanks to Holger Ludwig (webmaster of it was confirmed that two other ex-Globe Jet and Kallat Elsaker L-1011s are also stored in Sabha: XT-BRK and XT-RAD. The future of these three aircraft that were also part of TAP's fleet in the past doesn't seem too bright. They can be seen stored in Sabha using Google Earth.

L-1011s at Sabha

Doubt remains over the status of HR-AVN (another ex-Globe Jet), operated by Privilege Jet Airlines on behalf of Rollins Air. Most probably, the aircraft is stored inactive at La Ceiba in Honduras.

HR-AVN at La Ceiba

msn 1239 Globe Jet Airlines OD-ZEE - stored at Sabha (SEB)
msn 1242 Privilege Jet Airlines HR-AVN - stored (?) at La Ceiba (LCE)
msn 1243 Kallat Elsaker XT-BRK - stored at Sabha (SEB)
msn 1246 Kallat Elsaker XT-RAD - stored at Sabha (SEB)'s Fleet page and the individual fact files of some of these aircraft were already updated.

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