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May 06, 2013

Las Vegas Sands' L-1011 to be repaired?

L-1011-500 N388LS is in AOG condition at Don Muang Airport since November of 2011, when severe flooding occurred in Bangkok.

According to the information posted in this Facebook Group "Lockheed L-1011 TriStar", repair works have now started to put this aircraft back in the air.

Las Vegas Sands - an american casino and resort operating company - tried to ferry N388LS out of Bangkok last year but the special flight permit was denied according to this document which also describes the tasks that have to be carried out before that flight permit can be issued.

It would be awesome to see this bird with such a stunning livery flying again.


Alex Garrinhas said...

Só um louco é que se aventurava num trabalho destes! Vale mais ir buscar o TMR ao deserto.

M. Caldas said...

Por essa soberba máquina, tudo vale a pena!

Anonymous said...

So never......

Anonymous said...

Here at Don Maung April 10th N388LS still parked and neglected. What an awesome Classic 3 holer. Tires look inflated so someone is doing some work to it.

Unknown said...

As of October 2018, that aircraft (L-1011-500, Id: N388LS) is resting at a new park in Nong Khai, Thailand. That new park is called Chic Chic Market, and it’s managed and operated by Asawann.

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