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07 June 2013

L-1011 @ Sheremetyevo

This is a very rare photo of TAAG's L-1011 at Sheremtyevo Airport, in Moscow. This aircraft was leased from TAP in the early 90s and kept its original registration CS-TEC.

CS-TEC at SVO © Por Dentro

In those days, this was a very demanding operation in Russia and Flight Crews were composed by TAP pilots and flight engineers.


Curd Zechmeister said...

That is a great picture! I can only imagine how cold it would have been.

Anonymous said...

Alguem sabe quem era estes tripulantes?

Unknown said...

And also the extra distance of the engine placement made pos with the greater rudder area without the a fin engine? /.I recall being surprised (understatement) the first time looking out a Boings twins window, at the closeness of the engine.. I imagine t standard cabin noise is much lower than it was in the 90s? Esp t new airbus s & boing boing.

Unknown said...

Interestingly shows extra distance engines' out on wing; viable with fin/rudder combination? How did dc10 cabin noise compare to (pleasantlybulbous) L-1011?

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