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13 March 2014

The L-1011 era is coming to an end soon

Royal Air Force
TriStar - an era coming to an end © Royal Air Force

Yesterday, Royal Air Force retired one more L-1011 TriStar - ZE705 - on a ferry flight from Brize Norton to Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome. ZD953 and ZE704 should follow soon and in the end of March the three last TriStars are scheduled to be retired as well.

Las Vegas Sands
Repair works on Las Vegas Sand's N388LS were announced on March of 2013 but scrapping is now the most probable fate for this aircraft.

Sky Capital Airlines
L-1011 S2-AET - which was stored for a long time at Dhaka Airport - was finally scrapped last February.

S2-AET scrapped © Shabbir Bashar

This aircraft and the preparation of its ferry flight to Dhaka was featured on this Air Utopia's DVD.

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