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May 19, 2015

AGD Systems takes six TriStars from RAF

Defense Contractor AGD Systems announced recently that it will operate six ex-Royal Air Force TriStars which will return to civilian operation (these aircraft once belonged to British Airways and Pan Am) and will be available for military contracts.

The six aircraft have already the following N-numbers assigned:
  • msn 193V-1157 | N304CS
  • msn 193V-1164 | N405CS
  • msn 193V-1165 | N309CS
  • msn 193V-1174 | N705CS
  • msn 193Y-1186 | N507CS
  • msn 193Y-1188 | N703CS

Ex-British Airways examples (193V) are air-to-air refueling capable while the two ex-Pan Am (193Y) are in ordinary passenger configuration. These aircraft are intended to be deployed on the very same missions they performed for RAF such as "refueling, cargo, personnel and medivac missions globally".

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