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October 05, 2015

An article from AirlineReporter

It was published by AirlineReporter a comprehensive article about the L-1011 and what made this aircraft so unique.

This article starts with a brief description of the historical context of the time where the L-1011 developed and the goal of Lockheed of designing a product that made the difference by employing advanced technology and unique features.

Then it proceeds with the inputs of the airlines on the L-1011 and with special cabin details that made the TriStar a pleasurable aircraft for the passengers.

It even includes the proposed self-dimming windows (a concept very similar to what we find today on the Boeing 787) that unfortunately did not make it into production aircraft:

Self-dimming windows © AirlineReporter/Lockheed

Another interesting curiosity revealed was that the L-1011 flight deck was proposed in three different colours to the operators: grey, blue and olive. TAP's original L-1011s were delivered with their flight decks in tones of blue.
Finally, the article tells about the remarkable TriStar's AFCS, whose systems are also described in this website's Features page.

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