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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Las Vegas Sands' N388LS scrapped

Not everything is like good news about TriStars these days. The gorgeous N388LS belonging to Las Vegas Sands casino was finally scrapped at Don Muang Airport (Bangkok) in the beginning of this month... This aircraft was damaged beyond repair, in 2011, during the floods.

SN: 293A-1249
Type: -500
Regstr: N388LS
Owner: Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Status: Scrapped


Anonymous said...

The N388LS's body is not really destroyed.

Unflyable N388LS's body is on display at Chic Chic Market in Nong Khai Province, Thailand, since October 2018.

Anonymous said...

Visible on Google Earth, 17°51'12"N 102°45'11"E. Also located there is HS-TGT, an ex-Thai Airways 747-400
17°51'09"N 102°45'04"E