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17 December 2023

An abandoned L-1011 on a beach

L-1011 in Cotonou © Matthew Klint/Live and Let's Fly

An L-1011 originally delivered to All Nippon Airways and last operated by Air Rum (msn 193P-1156) is sitting on a beach for some years now in Cotonou, Benin - West Africa.

One can find two interesting reports of this aircraft on the internet:

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Anonymous said...

1 still flying. 2 in perfect conditions (N910TE and N91011)(1 is not airworthy and the other is going to be used to repair the active one). there are about 15 L-1011 abandoned with all engines (1 in honduras, greece, france, jordan, kenya, saudi arabia 2 in libia, iran 6 in United Arab Emirates)

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