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31 March 2010

Farewell L-1011

Ten years ago when I launched this website I was far from knowing how much an airplane would change my life:

the plane that gave me new friends;
the plane that gave me wings;
the plane that gave me a job.

Today, the last portuguese L-1011 made its way to final retirement. I was lucky enough to see it for the last time getting ready for its take-off to Amman where it is now stored, while I was arriving from Munich.

Goodbye CS-TEB...

Thank you L-1011!


Curd Zechmeister said...

Yes, what a great airplane! Sad to see them all fade away.

Aaron said...

Very sad to see the last Pax TriStar leave Europe. Only flew on CS-TEB once from Barbados to Dublin and it was a great flight. The inside looked almost new. Im gona have to find a new Fav aircraft now ;-(

Unknown said...

It was to come one day, but I can't feel any different than sad, happy to know that the Portuguese legacy with Tristars was long, reliable and safe, and the Tristar made it proving that they have been correctly build, and I'm sure we will keep him in our memories for ever.

Tiago said...

I've travelled in the CS-TEB in 1985 and 1986 (São Paulo >> Lisbon >> São Paulo). Good memories of a very good aircraft.

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