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May 10, 2016

L-1011 customer codes by Lockheed

In a similar way to Boeing that used to identify the original customers of its aircraft by attributing a special code in the last two digits of a certain type's series, Lockheed used a prefix in the Serial Number.

It happened that certain airlines which operated both standard length and -500 TriStars, had two different codes, also marking that difference between the models.

TAP's customer code prefix was "293B-". TAP also operated two second-hand L-1011s originally intended for Air Canada that were not taken up by this airline. These two aircraft had the prefix "193H-" attributed to AC's -500 models, although their first operator was Royal Jordanian.

L-1011 customer codes table - click to enlarge

For the complete serial numbers' list of the L-1011s registered in Portugal, please refer to the Aircraft page, in our website.

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