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May 18, 2016

More news on L-1011 N910TE

N910TE © TriStar History and Preservation

An article published on the Kansas City Star Site reveals more about the intentions of TriStar History and Preservation on their recently acquired L-1011, the ex-Flying Hospital.

They expect to ferry this L-1011 from Tucson to Kansas City within two to three weeks and use it for their STEM educational project.

The integral airstairs that give access to the lower deck - one of the two aircraft delivered to PSA in this configuration - are a major advantage according to the sources.

About N91011, the ex-Portuguese L-1011, also owned by TriStar, we can find this reference:
TriStar History also owns the TWA Wings of Pride McDonnell Douglas MD-83, a British Aircraft Corp. One-Eleven and another L-1011 in California.

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